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Glamour porn is one of the most popular and most frequently visited porn categories on the internet. There is no point in adding that it is so popular due to as simple reason. Models from this category are the best. They are the most beautiful women and they are sensual, which is the main point of the porn videos. As the result, we saw a lot of new tubes on the web and not all of them are the same. Yes, there are differences and they are very important. Now we will be focused on what makes a glamour tube perfect.

Model info

The most common mistake, usually low-entry tube sites make is leaving the description about a video. The main fact is the name of the model and additional info. Name or art name, is the most important feature and it should always be included! Leaving it off is a serious mistake that can reduce the traffic on the website. While this is a huge mistake, adding the name of a model, but not linking it to the other videos, recorded by her is a bit less ‘’dangerous’’ issue. Correcting these two mistakes can increase a tube traffic for 40%, which is a lot.


We also know that every single tube site must have advertisements, but in a moderate amount. Filling the tube with so many ads that a viewer cannot watch videos normally is the perfect way to reduce the traffic on the website! The main point is to add native ads that are not too annoying and they don’t affect the viewers’ attention. By managing these aspects you will be able to make your website perfect and stand out of the crowd. After all, there are thousands of websites like this, so making a unique one is recommended.