Hold the Moan: Keep It a Secret!

Oops there she goes again! She just won’t stop masturbating in public, will she? These girls who like to play with themselves in public can be some of the dirtiest little whores you’ve ever met. She might even suck your dick right then and there if she’s horny enough. Girls that are into situations where it is necessary to hold the moan like the possibility of being caught in their naughty act. We’ve all seen the videos of girls playing in public, and that is just something that turns you on to a whole new level.

Holding the moan is more than just a fun way to get a quick nut, but it’s a great way to have a crazy adventure. The deal with it is that the possibility of getting in huge trouble for doing so doesn’t even seem to cross the slut’s mind as a legitimate outcome. That’s when you know the bitch is a sexual deviant, she can’t even wait until she gets home to have an orgasm, she needs it right now! Porn that features the hold the moan scenario is just plain awesome because it adds an extra layer of reality, the reality that these things aren’t allowed in public!

Playing with some pussy under the table? She better stay quiet! Better yet, if you’re fucking in the library then it’s quite a risk that she won’t be able to take a dick without letting out a moan. The dressing room is also a nice spot, maybe the bitch can try on some sexy little outfits. Some of the best places to do this stuff is outside which is some of the most vulnerable spots you could put yourself when you are getting down and dirty in public.

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