Stats about Swingers

Image result for sex personalAbout 70% swingers claim that they don’t have any issues regarding the jealousy factor as far as swinging is concerned, while 25% people say that they have difficulty in controlling the jealousy when they’re swinging partners. 6% swingers admitted that they get very jealous while swinging. Swingers have rated themselves as happier. Here’s how the stat goes about this:

There are huge margins in the happiness of the two categories. There are no convincing or critical differences between the responses from women and men. However, more men participated in the survey than women. This study polled on the self- identified swingers and is of limited use in a broader application to the society as a whole. Swingers claim that their marriages are stronger because they do not go out having affairs outside the marriage and do not lie to one another.

Swinger and Their Insecurities

John Stossel, the famous TV personality produced an investigative news report about the lifestyle of swingers in the year 2005. The report cited that couples swing so that they don’t cheat on their partners. On being asked whether the couples get insecure whether their partner would like somebody else better, a swinger replied that swingers swap partners for a reason. They do not go out so they can find a new wife. They do not swing for that reason. The woman asserted with this view and said that they become more confident about themselves and their relationships by swinging. They become confident that they are the ones in charge now. 12 marriage counselors were interviewed for this report. None of the marriage counselors was against the idea of swinging. However, some of them said that getting sexual pleasure and tingles outside the marriage can be threatening to the marriage.

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