Top Tips For Courtesans To Become The Best For Their Clients

In our days appealing to the services of an escort is no shameful thing, especially if you want to spice up your conjugal life or simply release some post-work tension. But being in the business on the other side, as the girl (or boy) who does all the work may be a bit scary, especially for newcomers. Read below to find the most useful tips on how to become a good courtesan and how to keep your clients coming back for more:

Be open to new experiences

One of the perks of being a courtesan is that you can often travel the world and meet new people as well as experience all kinds of things. A VIP escort Istanbul based can travel throughout Europe to meet her clients and still enjoy the ride. Be open to new experiences and embrace your lifestyle! Do whatever makes you happy without having regrets. Know what your boundaries are but, other than that, simply enjoy life and the fact that every day at work can be interesting and challenging.

Be clean

As easy as it may sound, keeping a thorough hygiene is not something most escorts are custom to. Go to your monthly checkups, take a shower before meeting any client and after and put on a pretty face. Use beauty tricks, don’t forget about your pubic hygiene and wash your teeth regularly. Use mouthwashes and mouth sprays as well as chewing gums as often as possible, put on makeup and wash your hair as often as needed. Do your nails, dye your roots if required and use loads of moisturizing creams.

Keeping clean at all times will not only offer you a sense of security but also make you more confident and pretty.

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